Business Checks are like add-on Credential.  They are purchased and if the business qualifies for the check the icon is added to the account.  


A contractor qualifies for the “Real Estate Agent Perfect Score”,  when licensed Real Estate Agent recommends the contractor by voicemail or email.  

A Real Estate Agent can also disqualify a contractor from the credential.  To disqualify the contractor the licensed Agent must have first hand experience with the contractor.

Go to desired category, Click Business Check, then select “Perfect Score” then click search.


The Icon is also listed on the contractor’s category page.

LocalWorkbook Beta is a new concept and website that serves the non-commercial Real Estate Contractors, Real Estate Agents and Homeowners. Our Categories are based on DPOR licensed professions and other common services needed in Real Estate transactions.

We provide our member contractors a platform to publish validated recommendations.  All recommendations are validated by an accepted quote or by established business relationship.  Admin can also validate by phone if necessary.  

Service Awards are earned by satisfied customers ratings please see the Rating Process information page (Link)

Quotes on LocalWorkbook allow customers the invitation to negotiate prices semi-anonymously.   The customer must wait for the contractor to respond or the time limit to expire before the customer can seek another quote.
After the contractor responds the customer can accept or decline.  After the customer responds the the customer is free to seek another quote from another contractor.


Our Profile Specialist are here to help you make your profile beautiful and competitive.  They are hand picked photographers, graphics designers etc.

Just send a quote request to a Profile Specialist.  If you accept the quote temporary access is granted profile specialist to update your page.  Profile specialists cannot access your private information they can only update the public content on your page.  The Profile Specialist will send a notice of completion which ends temporary access.  


We are a new company, we are focusing on serving the Real Estate Agent and the contractors that would help them sell houses.

We must prove the website concept and then we will expand into serving new services and into different regions.